Isnin, 8 Februari 2010


Elly Nuga

(One day in conversation at classroom of literature faculty)
Darwin: What is the joyful thing do you want?
Rina: Not a lot. I want my food. When I was hungry it is near by me.
Rose: Hehe! May be you are the glutton, aren’t you?
Rina: What?
Rose: Don’t be angry, Rin. This is a kidding.
Darwin: Ok. We continue. How about you, Rose?
Rose: So simple. I want your smile. Because your smile so beautiful when I see. I am in tranquillity for your smile.
Rina: Ehmm... Be careful Darwin. Be care for the cheap lover.
Darwin: Hahaha! You like Mrs. Bean, Rina. You are so satisfying and also the unique girl. For this I have a story when I was a child. Every holiday, my family hold a recreation. We went to a beach. My brother’s hobby is seeking and hunting the cancer. Once upon a time, when he was sleeping, one cancer came to him and bit his lip. He cried because his lip was bleeding. My mother approached him, hugged him while clean his lip. Suddenly, he spoke to my mother: “Mom, I am so distressed with my lip. From now I can’t kiss everyone, especially for my girl friend. I am so shy.” Father, mother and I laughed him at the same time. He was astonishment. “Why did you laugh me?” he said angrily. We did not say something for him. Therefore, he stood up, sought the cancer that already bit him. He tried to kill him. ”O... cancer, you had a bad day. This time you would be the victim”, I said.
Rina and Rose: Hhahah.....!!!!
Rose: And than???
Darwin: THAt’s all.
Rina, Rose and Darwin: Thank you...

Lecture: Ok. Please, give them applauses! Thank you Darwin and the ladies.
Darwin, Rina and Rose, you have a richest simple conversation. Darwin, you open this conversation with a question: “What is the joyful thing do you want?” This is an attractive question. In my mind this question and conversation have some characteristics. First, this is a realistic question. You help Rina and Rose to answer well. This is the key of a conversation. Conversation does not like a debate. It must be in a simple sentence. Second; you have an ability to make your friends be happy to hear what you say. Many people don’t know the way to make their friends happy. By a short what is you illustrated from your friend saying can help your friend be loyal with you. Therefore, in conversation we must arise the reciprocal situation. You and your friends don’t speak alone. Escape from the inclination of speaking so a lot than your friends. For Rina and Rose, you are the reactive friends. Because your reaction Darwin can narrate well. You give the reciprocal situation on this conversation.
(The bell is ringing. The lesson was ended)
Lecture: Ok. We stop our lesson. Before stopping I wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you. May you get a nice day? I hope everyone can care their self. Care their lip from the cancer, etc.
All Students: Hahaha...
Lecture: Bye...... Good Day
All Students: Nice see you... Thanks’.
Lecture: Nice to see you,,,

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